Remedies and cures

Below you will find listed and described feng shui remedies and cures for flying stars – to increase positive stars effect on your life – and to minimize the negative stars effect as much as possible. 

The cures are recommended if there is not possible to avoid the energy flow in house which is ruled by a negative star. 

The cures must be place in exact part of the house (by direction explicited with degrees) on exact dates, that protection from negative influences will be maximum. 

Listing of remedies and cures

"Increase positive and minimize the negative influences"

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Money frogs represent the feng shui trinkets of prosperity. It is said that this fabulous creature appears in the full moon, near the house or business that is about to receive good news. Most of the time, people know that the nature of this good news is related to wealth. According to Feng Shui’s belief, money frogs help attract and protect wealth and prevent bad luck. Because it symbolizes the flow of money, Feng Shui masters believe that a money frog statue with coins in its mouth should not be placed in front of the gate. Also do not put it in the bathroom, near the bathroom or towards the bathroom.

JSY sailing ship statue protects your home from evil and welcome more good fortune in your life.

This sailing ship feng shui décor is made using high-quality craftsmanship to provide you with years of use without losing any of its charm or appeal to help you attract more wealth, prosperity and fortune in your life while helping protect you against negative things in life.

The elephant statue symbolizes power, strength, fertility, protection of the home!  This antique style statue, with the trunk facing up, symbolizes prosperity, good luck and success!

In ancient China, ingot was the most valuable currency and usually made of gold or silver. It is always a symbol of wealth and an auspicious article for household peace. With an ingot at home, you can have everything as you wish and wealth to flow in.

The image of the big-bellied Maitreya with a smiling mouth represents Buddhism’s compassion and humorous humor, so it is deeply loved by the people. When people see him, they can inspire their relaxed mood. , Giving people the meaning of fortune head, adding auspicious, can be happy, symbolizing tolerance.

The horse has an inspiring role. Because the horse’s nature is unrestrained and he is strong and steady, the Feng Shui horse has a refreshing effect.

Horse can drive the flow of wealth and make the business more smooth.

In Chinese, Gourd (hulu) sounds like “Fulu” (fortune and wealth) and symbolizes family prosperity and happiness.  With a small mouth and big belly, gourd is frequently used in Feng Shui, indicating happiness, health and longevity.

Feng Shui Bell of Wealth – It helps you to overcome obstacles.It also grants wishes and dissolves troubles.

This Three celestial guardians symbolize to protect the the three killings,illiness,accidents and robberies.

Money tree brings luck, prosperity, provides protection against any kind of losses, and enhances the power of an individual. Great decorative statue to put in office, front door, and living room.  Excellent gift for housewarming, business opening, congratulatory and blessing purposes.

5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life is the powerful feng shui cure to Five Yellow that is the sickness flying star causes sick. The Tree of Life brings life and the birds on the trees transform misfortune into opportunities. You can get some soil from your garden. Then open the top of 5 element pagoda and put those soil inside. Every year after Li Chun, you need to open it again, junk out all the soil, clean it and put under the sun for 4 hours, then put new dearth inside.

In Feng Shui, the sound of wind chime is used to cure mental stress and is believed to help in restoring the soul. Metal wind chimes should be placed in North, Northwest or West side of the house whereas the wooden wind chimes should be placed in South, Southeast and East side.

The tied coins become a good luck charm for bringing prosperity and fortune to the holder. Also, you can buy some lucky coppern coins for you family and best friends You can use it in the following places: kitchen & door knot & Vechile & Wall Decor.

A concave mirror can prevent passive negative energy, a convex mirror can prevent active harmful energy, and the mirror can be hung outdoors.

Pair of lovely Mandarin Ducks, represents bliss of love for a couple. Feng Shui cure for Love and Marriage.

The dragon & phoenix pair is a classical feng shui cure for harnessing the energy of harmonious communication in a marriage. The dragon is the most powerful and majestic creature in Chinese folklore. Power, indisputable authority and fearsome majesty are mostly masculine (yang) qualities, and the dragon is the true Yang.

In Chinese folklore, the mythical phoenix is attributed the qualities of beauty, inspiration and genuine grace (feminine, yin qualities), so the phoenix is the perfect Yin counterpart to the Yang energy of the dragon. Because a harmonious marriage is a balanced partnership in which both the husband and the wife can fully express their unique energies, the yin-yang energy of the dragon & phoenix couple came to be a feng shui symbol of good luck and harmony in marriage.

Placing a water fountain in front of the entrance of your home or office is beneficial. If you place a fountain outside of your home, then make sure the water flow towards your home. You can use fountain at north for career growth. If you want to gain good health you should place the fountain in the north-north east zone.

Fengshui Crystal removes negative energies from your home. Place it in the places of your home where negative stars are present. 

Other feng shui decorations