Natal Bazi Chart

Chinese Astrology Bazi is one of the best users of astrology, acting as a guide, what you need to get started, how to work to live in accordance with your original nature, With understanding of your natal bazi chart you can perfectly, raise the quality of life and travel safely over all the obstacles that will come your way. 

With the Natal Bazi Chart, we can predict your personality, your adventages and disadventages, we can see the days when you will shine the most.

With all the information you can better prepare and make the most of every day. By making good choices and actions, you can change the outcome of certain situations into opportunities for the better

Even the bad day can become an opportunity...

Bazi astrology consists of the basic concept of Chinese philosophy, culture and cosmology yin and yang, five elements, 10 celestial stalks, 12 animals or 12 terrestrial branches, and 12 evolutionary stages. These cosmic forces represent the matrix of cosmic existence and action. The game of yin and yang and the five elements is constant; as soon as yang appears, the yin follows him; as soon as one phase of energy occurs, another will follow it.

 All the order and chaos in the world consists of the succession and interweaving of said cosmic forces in creative, friendly, controlling or inhibiting processes. 

The Natal Bazi Chart is formed out of four columns, the lord of the day and the stars. Each column carries very important information about a person’s life from birth until death, person’s destiny and happiness. The year column represents the year of your birth, the monthly column represents the month of your birth, the daily column represents the day of your birth and you as a person, while the the hour column represents your birth hour.


Who is your Lord of the day?

The Lord of the day is the sign at the top of the daily column. It is a reference point that represents your true nature, while all other symbols within the Natal Bazi  Chart present persons environment and conditions in which we are placed, our adventages and disadventages. 

What energy fills you up? Who you are and what things in life are important to and for you? Where can you look for support on every aspect of your live? How can you be usefull and how the environment can support you acheaving your goals? 

When you will understand all informations, suggestion and sollutions that Natal Bazi Charts offers you, you will have the opportunity to overcome limitations in your live and you will step on the path of success and happiness. 

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