May 2020 Flying stars forecast

flying stars feng shui may 2020 forecast

The first number indicates the annual star and the second number indicates the monthly star. Take a look at your Flying stars floor plan to determine which place is which in your home / office.

6 + 4
This place will be lucky this month, specailly for women. Display the wealth tree to boost good fortune luck. It is a good place to be creative this month, so if you have a change, move your workspace to this sector.

2 + 9
The illness star influences will increase this month by the visiting #9 star. This month combination is not good for relationship and health. This star combination affects the mind and causes stress, try to avoid it even during lockdown. Place a Wu Lou in this sector to avoid bad influances on healh of your family. Pregnant women should avoid this sector in this month.

4 + 2
Your family members can suffer illnesses like stomach ache, food poisoning, etc., if your main door is located here. Place a Three celestial guardians in this sector to avoid health problems.  

5 + 3
The #3 star can couse arguments between family members in this month, which is even more possible during lockdown times. Give each other some break. Mainting calm and silence in this sector as much as possible, if possible stay away from this area in may 2020. Place a Brass Dragon statue in this sector to avoid arguments.

7 +  5
The center sector affects the whole household, with visi tof #5 star you must keep the center quiet. Place a Five Element Pagoda in the center.

9 + 7
Be carefull with finances if your front door are located in this area of the house. Minimize negative energies by placing a Elephant and Natural Crystals to this sector of home.  Do not overspend and savet he money.

1 + 8
Lucky #8 star visits lucky #1 star, which can bring only good to you and your family if spending time in this sector of your home. This combination is particulary auspicious for carrer and business success. To increase positive influences place a Wealth tree and some Chinese Coins in this sector of your home or office.  

3 + 1
Those who spend a lot of time in this sector of the home can experiance new fortunes and energies. It is a good place to study and doing schoolwork and the great place for families to gather.

6 + 4
Keep this part of home active all the time, as it is the luckiest part of the home. Spend here as much time as you can. Use this sector of home to work here or study, that will increase your productivity.  To enhance to good influances place here a Golden Ingot and Golden Frog for entire month.