July 2020 Flying stars forecast

July 2020 Feng Shui Forecast

The first number indicates the annual star and the second number indicates the monthly star. Take a look at your Flying stars floor plan to determine which place is which in your home / office.


6 + 2
The star can cause problems with liver and could have mayor affect the youngest daughter in the family. Display a pair of Golden Wu Lou to minimize the influence. If you spend most time of your day in this part of the house, you can expect positive career changes. Display a Wealth Tree on your table to boost money making opportunities.


2 + 7

Be aware of loss and of betrayals, even though those living in this sector could enjoy a lottery win or a promotion this month! Stay alert and aware of thieves, and do not trust others easily. Place a Elephant here to protect against the #7 star.


4 + 9

The Southwest will be bringing good commercial indications for all, who is staying most of time in this sector, and those whose offices occupy the Southwest. It also brings good luck in business to the women. The creativity and productivity will rise this month, if your office space is in this sector. Place here Chinese coins to increase positive effects this month.


5 + 1

Stay in this place as much time possible this month. Placing a Happy smiling buddha will increase energy for carreer improvement this month, but don’t forget to rest.  Those in relationship could experiance improvement in relationship this month, if you are only in loved, some positive changes may occour.

7 +  3
If you spend a lot of time in the center, you can close business deals profitably, and things will go as planned. There still exist some danger of conflict from the #3 star. Place the Dragon in the center of the home to reduce the effects of the #3 star.


9 + 5
This is the most dangerous sector this month. Keep the west part of the home and office as quiet as possible this month. The combination of the #5 star can bring illness, loss of money and other catastrophes. Those residing here could experience increased stress levels and trouble sleeping. Place a 5-Element Pagoda here to reduce the effects of negative energies.


1 + 6
July is a month when it is safe to make decisions for yourself and your family, whenever you make them in this part of your home.


3 + 8

This part of the house or office will increase your influence you have on other people, which is most important if you are a leader in your profession. Place here an Dragon nor a Mirror to increace good influences on your leadership.


8 + 4

Spent as much time possible in this sector in july 2020, as is good for making and closing the deals for all business and salespeople. The stars will bring fortune in negotiation, make your ideas a reality this month, as they will be a success. Increase of income can happen, if you place a Wealth tree or Chinese coins in this sector, to increase wealth.