Observing nature, the world has found out that energy changes rhythmically. Thus, parts of the body and organs, and in a figurative sense, also Earth and buildings, have, at some point in time, an energy minimum or maximum. The old Chinese masters of feng shui split the changing time into nine components – one after the other in a circle. This applies to individual years as well as months and days.

The method of the Flying stars – nine houses, due to the individual treatment of the occupants and their connection to the house and the time component it introduces, is a rounded system. It is very often used to set auspicious days for travel, business and private appointments, house sales.

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To determine the positions of the individual positive and negative stars we divide the floor plan of a building on nine equal rectangles called houses.

On the basis of several factors – activities, structure of the building and daily habits, the number of active star in a certain space is determined, which is written in each house separately. This means that for different periods of time we always get different energy patterns and combinations.

Each star that sits in a each house has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is combined with the number of gua of all residents (also called the life number). This gives us a pretty good overview of your home or office energy situation and can propose targeted measures for the entire family for whole Chinese year.

These measures follow the five-element cycle rule. For the most part, the necessary changes can be very well integrated into our existing lives.

If negative energies cannot be completely avoided, we also suggest using certain remedies and cures (click here to read more) 

On the web you can find everything you need to know about how to create your personal home plan for Flying stars each year, how to understand it and what to do with it to bring out all the positive and avoid all negative of your home and office. 

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