Flying Stars Feng Shui and renovations

Renovation in our home or office can upset the Flying Stars and cause much harm for eternal year. 

If we have our Flying Stars floor map we can determine when the negative Flying Stars are placed to avoid them and prepare the right plan for renovations. 

feng shui renovations flying stars

Every year we have to make a Feng Shui annual energy map for our home or office, and the basis of that map are Flying Stars.

The annual Flying Stars operates quickly and can therefore help us achieve our goals in a shorter timeframe. We have speciall predictions for each month, as monthly star moves from one sector to another, creating positive and negative combinations. This combinations can affect annual star energy to enhace positive energies or increase negative ones.

All we need to know before deciding to connect with the energy of the annual Flying Stars is this: information about the sectors of each star, map of the annual stars, moon stars map.

As annual Flying stars changes every year, it is also important to know, that same Flying star scan lose or enhace it’s power over the years. So it is a regular practice to have an annual Feng Shui consultation every year, which will show you how to make the best use of the annual and monthly Flying Stars.

Contact us if you have to renovate around or in the house / office and you don’t know which sector you must be careful and where to place the furniture to be optimal for upcoming or ongoing year.

The basic and most important rule is not to renovate the area where #5 is located.

If there are persons in the household whose health is sensitive, then refurbishing the area where #2 resides during a given year should be avoided.


If we cannot awoid renovation in any case, then we have to do it carefully and use the necessary remedies and cures to minimize negative energies of the Flying stars.