Cleaning negative energy from our home

When choosing a living space, whether it is an apartment or a house, we should keep in mind that energies are all around us – cosmic energy, groundwater or technical radiation, and not all energies are good. That is why it is very important to energetically clean the house where you live after moving in and also once in a while later on.

Doors that do not open completely limit your life energy flow. This applies on all door, main door, closet door etc. You will have to remove anything that stops the door to open completely.

Our hallway is most important place in our home or office for energy flow, because most positive energies comes through main door. All decorations, antiques and other things (like our shoes, coats, jackets…) in the hallway interfere with the flow of energy and create obstacles. Free cabinets from old things, clean basements and attics and put your shoes and jackets in the closet or wardrobe room. Old things have bad energy that will drag you into the past and hinder you from progressing in the future.

The quality of our life increases when our home or office are filled with bright light. Especially bring light to corners, cracks, and other dark places where the inhabitants of the lower levels of the astral world multiply.

Raising positive energy flow and cleansing from negative forces

To raise the overall positive energy, it is good to spray the whole house with clean spring water to which lavender oil should be added. This helps fill the air with negative ions. Lavender has a stimulant effect that positively affects the atmosphere in the house. This refresh balances the excessive amount of positive ions generated by the TV, computer and other electrical appliances.

Washing the floors with salted water increases the energy level in the house and neutralizes the negative effects, like salt water cure. Wipe the doors, furniture and walls with a sponge soaked in salt water.

If someone in the household is sick, put a salt water cure next to his bed and change it every morning, as it accumulates negative energies during the night. You should never clean the cup with salt water cure and place a new one in the same cup, as negative energy remains from previous one. Always throw away salt water cure after use, as far away from your home possible. Put the same salt water cure in kids room if the child sleeps poorly or cries at night.

If your apartment is clean and there are no negative energies in it, the salt will be yellowish in color; otherwise, the salt will crackle and become dark brown or black. In this way, the presence of negative energy is not only detected, but also eliminated.

Plants help us tremendously in correcting bioenergy fields. To dispel negative energy, use houseplants with a lush canopy and plants with a characteristic odor. Unnecessary energy and harmful radiation that injures the human bio-field is also absorbed by plants with thick leaves, such as aloe.

Some houseplants can also cause damage. If you are bothered by the smell and color of the leaves of a houseplant, pay attention to these signals and take the plant out of the house.

Our pets can show ust he places with negative energies in our home. Cats adore negative zones, and dogs do not tolerate them. If your cat likes to sleep in a certain place, it is better for you to avoid that place.

Again, it is advisable to put salt water cure in that place and clean it with salt water as well.

All places must be cleaned of negative energy and that can be done with upper suggestions: clean it with salt water, throw away all old and broken things, keep it clean, bring light to them and put a salt water cure in that places.