August 2020 Flying Stars Forecast

August Feng Shui Flying Stars Forecast

August 2020 brings us a lot of prosperity, but there is still some places, that needs to be protected this month to prevent negative Stars influences. Ho Tu luck will come in four sectors this month, including the dominant central sector. First thing we need to do is to activate central sector of our home with placing the mirror.

The #2 Illness Star will visit central sector this month, so health issues can continue to be a problem this month. Protect your health and carry a Buddha’s card with you all the time.

The big number indicates the annual star and the small number indicates the monthly star. Use your floor plan do determine which place is which.


6 + 1

Two very positve stars are placed together this month, what a time this will be – spend here as much time as possible and keep this place very active! If your bedroom is here, you will be lucky in your career as well as with additional financial support. Put Gold coins under the carpet or pillow to enhance good fortune. If you are studying this is a best place to study for exams in the near future. For aditional luck with exams place here a Dragon statue.


2 + 6

There will be some opportunities in the stock market and you can get recognition and promotion if you will spend a lot of time in this sector. Unfortunately, in august there will remain some illness energies which will continue to bring health problems. Display a Wu Lou to guard against any serious health problems.


4 + 8

If you have your main door located in this sector of the home, you are in a good path to increase your wealth this months. As #4 is knowledge star it will be helpfull if you study in this sector of the home, doing researches and projects, to finish them succesfully. It is important to activate to boost wealth – to do this, place the Dragon statue here.


5 + 9

The will be the most dangerous sector this month. The combination of these two Stars will bring misfortune, money loss, accidents, fire and sickness. This sector should be kept very quiet! Don’t play TV here, don’t listen to music, and specially DON’T RENOVATE! If you have bedroom here, it would be advisible for you to change the rooms this month to protect your luck. Display the 5 Element Pagoda here to protect family members.


7 + 2

The center sector, which affects the entire household, is made up of a combination of two hazardous stars, but they together can also bring wealth and windfall. Place a Mirror and a pair of Dragon Horse here.

9 + 4

Perfect place to study for exams this month. Do you and your parner facing a lack of romance? Spent more time in this place this month. Have a pair of Mandarin Ducks here to activate for romance. Those who are managers and owners of a business will benefit if you place a Dragon Horse in the West.


1 + 5

If you are having a bedroom in this place, you can suffer possible injuries from accidents, also other health problem can be an issue. Be carefull and protect yourself, also during Covid-19 pandemic. Carrie with you the Buddha Card to stay protected and please continue to wear face masks and practice social distancing. In the work there will be more stress this month, and as stres can couse many health problems, place a Laughing Buddha in the Northeast as he brings solutions to problems.


3 + 7

If your front door is placed here, BE VERY CAREFUL!  The combination is made up of two aggressive stars, causing those residing here to be more irritable. Display the  Elephant to control the #7. Place a Water Feature here to calm down the violent stars.


8 + 3

Leadership star will shine this month bringing luck to leaders and business owners. Place the Chinese coins in this sector of the home (even better in the office) to increase the effectiveness of bosses, managers and CEOs.