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When and how to activate the positive energy?

As we know, some Flying Stars are favorable and some are unfavorable.

Our goal is not to activate unfavorable stars, such as # 2 and # 5, but that is why we want other (favorable) stars to release their energy and qualities. 

The most important Flying Star to activate is the so-called Facing Star, the front orientation star, best found in the so-called Facing palaces (middle of front of house).

The basic rule that binds to the activation of all stars is that water activates Facing Star, while elevations activate Sitting Star. When the landscape naturally activates the stars, then some Facing Star becomes Water Stars or Water Dragons. Similarly, Sitting Star can become Mountain Stars or Mountain Dragons.

Sometimes the mountain also appears in the direction of Facing Star, which then causes financial problems. When the water is in the direction of the Sitting Star, it can then adversely affect the health of the household. 

Exactly the same principle applies to every structure; the closer the mountain and the water, the greater their impact on the occupants …

If the activation on specific date and hour has intention to minimize negative affects of specific Flying star, then activation must occour on positive Flying star, on negative star you make only protection. 

Keep in mind, it is important how flying stars sits in your house / appartment / office and what you do in those places. Are you sleeping there? Doing homework? Is there your office? Flying stars influence all that. 

The Platinum Membership will deliver your special dates/hours and instruction when and how the activations must occour in your home ore office to bring the maximum positive energies and to minimase the most the negative energies of Flying stars.