Bring out the positive ...

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Bazi natal chart

What is written...

... and what we can change?

Our destiny is already written in our bazi natal chart... but that doesn't mean we can't change it if we know what and where are our opportunities .

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Flying Stars

Bring out the positive energy...

... and avoid all negative.

Flying stars changes every Chinese year. We must know where stars with positive and negative energy lies in our home or office, to bring out the best for whole year!

Find out how to draw your floor plan and to find out which is the facing of your home / office to the north.

Some combinations of Flying Stars have a very bad effect on the health, relationships, finances and happiness of the household in general. 

 If stars that are part of a exact combination are in an inappropriate area, then they have a bad effect on the household.

Annual Flying stars and monthly Flying stars can create combinations, that brings special effects – the placing is important. 

Our goal is not to activate unfavorable stars, but that is why we want other (favorable) stars to release their energy and qualities. 


What if you can’t avoid the negative?


Flying stars forecast for August 2020 and tips how to minimize negative influences and maximize the positive ones, are now availible for you. 

Renovation in our home or office can upset the Flying Stars and cause much harm for eternal year.  If we have our Flying Stars floor map we can determine when the negative Flying Stars are placed to avoid them and prepare the right plan for renovations. 

Some really small positive changes in the home can bring an abundance of positive energy and well-being. Some objects are “energy robbers” – those that lower our vibration and endanger peace.

When and how to activate the positive energy?

As we know, some Flying Stars are favorable and some are unfavorable. Our goal is not to activate unfavorable stars, such as # 2 and # 5, but that is why we want other (favorable) stars to release their energy and qualities. 

When choosing a living space, whether it is an apartment or a house, we should keep in mind that energies are all around us

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